All Boost features and services

A comprehensive repository of training programs

  • Running programs, walking programs and run/walk programs.
  • All distances from 3K to marathon.
  • All levels from beginner to elite.
  • Focus: just finish, optimize time, race strongly, lose weight, raise fitness level, have fun.
  • Training types: low/high intensity, short/long distances, flat/hills/trails, goal focused or maintenance etc.

Easy and guided setup

  • Recommendations for numbers of training days.
  • Decide “no-run-days”.
  • Decide “long-run-day”.
  • Choose a race or a date as your goal.
  • Plan with multiple goals.
  • Set your runner experience and ambitions.

Adjust and optimize your training

  • Shift two workouts.
  • Add or delete a run.
  • Change a specific workout.
  • Plan training around holidays or other special occasions.
  • Automatic re-planning, whenever you change something.
  • Automatic training load optimization.
  • Training notes (to come).
  • Green-yellow-red status.

Advanced Injury Control

  • Report any sign of injury - and how serious it is.
  • Automatic adjustments of you plan depending on scale of injury.
  • Further adjustments during recovery period to fine-tune your path back on track.
  • Continuously updated best guess on recovery date.


  • View your workouts in 10 different ways (pace, feeling, pulse etc.).
  • Export week to Garmin watch for visual and audio guidance.
  • Export week to IPhone for audio coaching.
  • Export week to Android (to come).
  • Print your week.
  • E-mail your week to your PC, MAC, tablet or mobile.


  • Calculation of 1-5 personal training zones.
  • Advanced finish time predictions.
  • Calorie calculator with detailed fat and carbon burn per workout and training zone.
  • Track record used as training foundation.
  • Report test results - and get your training adjusted accordingly.

Support and terms

  • 24-7 online access to support.
  • Coach examination of your personal plan.
  • Turn alerts on/off.
  • Start whenever you want. Stop whenever you like.

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