You can export a full weeks training to a format of choice and bring the information with you on your workouts. This is how you export your training week:

  1. Go to the relevant week.
  2. Choose preferred destination (Garmin, iSmoothRun, Calendar, Email or Print).
  3. Press the Export-button and confirm.
  4. Your full week is now exported either as a file, as an email or as an open window for print.

You can only use the export-to-Garmin function if you have a device with advanced planning functionality.

First time use:

After every export from Boost:

  • Open Garmin Training Center and import training via the File menu. You will have to navigate to the exported file – usually under downloads.
  • Click the transfer button to send the training to your Garmin device.
  • After import, you can pick the particular trip from the menus Training or Planned Today on the device.


You can only use the export-to-iSmoothRun-function if you have an iPhone and the iSmoothRun App.

First time use:

  • Buy and download the iSmoothRun App for iPhone – link:
  • Go through settings and connect the App to your DropBox, which will create an import folder in your DropBox.

After every export to iSmoothRun:

  • Copy the downloaded file to your Import-folder in DropBox.
  • Open the App, go to the log and press the import symbol.
  • After import, you can pick the particular trip from the new run page or the calendar in iSmoothRun.


  • Don’t open the file directly as it will import to a new calendar.
  • Instead, open your normal Calendar and import the file, choosing format iCalendar (ics).
  • After import, you can see details for your training on the specific dates in your calendar.



  • You will receive one mail containing details for all workouts of the week.
  • This can also be printed if you like.



  • When exporting, a new window opens with all needed information.
  • Depending on your browser, you can start printing directly or right click and choose print.
  • The printed output contains details for all training trips of the week.
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