A Pace-test is a run, where you run as fast as you can. The purpose is to test your current physical fitness. We use the result – together with any race results, estimates or earlier test results you might have reported – to adjust your training zones and the intensity of your training to ensure that your training matches your current level. We also use it for predicting your race times.

There are several different types of pace tests. At Boost, you can use either a 6 minute Test (how far can you run in 6 minutes) or a Cooper Test (how far can you run in 12 minutes). The Cooper Test is the most famous, but at Boost, we recommend the 6 minute test as the most reliable.

How do I run a 6 minute test?
To be sure that your training plan matches your current level you should run a pace test around every 6 weeks. A 6 minute test is a run, where you run as fast as you can in 6 minutes. The result is the distance covered.

To perform your 6 minute test you should:

  • Choose a day, where you are recovered and highly motivated
  • Choose a suitable place to do the test – like a 400 meter track or a straight road with not too much wind
  • If you do the test more than once use the same place if possible
  • You need a timer to know, when your 6 minutes are up
  • You need a GPS watch or another distance indicator to know the total distance covered
  • Walking is allowed but you have to push yourself as hard as you can
  • Before you do the test, you need a thorough warm-up for around 10-20 minutes

The total numbers of meters you covered in 6 minutes is your result. Enter this in your test results at Boost: Training analyses > Tests > Add results

NB! A 6 minutes run test is a strenuous test, and you have be healthy to perform it. If you have any doubts, please consult with your physician.

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