With a Boost Plan, you can always change your training along the way. With this kind of flexibility automatically comes a risk that you end up with a training plan that is not optimal. However, do not worry – we monitor all changes and use the status to tell you if you are still on track. The status is based on calculations of your individual profile and load expressed by the Boost Factor. 

  • Pink: high risk of overtraining – contact Boost Support and we will help you adjust your plan
  • Yellow: Risk of overtraining – be careful, maybe skip a run or two
  • Green: Effective training – well done, you are on track!
  • Light grey: Not enough training – be careful, maybe add a run or two
  • Dark grey: Find new goal – contact Boost Support and we will help you find out what to do NeXT

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Posted by Support Saturday, January 5, 2013 1:05:00 PM Categories: Training