With your Boost Plan you get access to a lot of different ways to set the correct pace when training: Pace, Speed, Feeling, Speed term, Talking ability, Race Speed, Pulse, Pulse-%max, Pulse-%resv and vV02max-%.

Just choose your favorite description, and this will be set as your default.

If you have a GPS watch we recommend that you use pace, because this is the most precise way to train. But there is no problem in training with less precision – just choose what is best or easiest for you to follow. Maybe "talking ability" or "feeling" is the easiest way to train, if you have no watch or other tools? If you complete within 85- 100% of what is planned, it will normally count as a good and well done training trip.

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Posted by Support Wednesday, October 3, 2012 10:08:00 PM Categories: Training