If you are injured or feel signs of injury, you should use our Injury Control. 

Here you describe your injury degree, how it affects your running, and whether you feel it is getting better or worse. We then adjust your training correspondingly. 

You should continue to report the status of your injury until it is completely gone. The more you update us about your injury status, the better we can adjust your plan from week to week.

The Boost Injury Control is based on the conviction, that as long as the injury does not get worse from trip to trip - and as long as it does not develop into a constant pain, you should try, if you can run, run slower or run with pauses. The reason to this is that a full stop often will lead to an even longer recovery period and more injuries, when you start running again.

You should only use our Injury Control if your beliefs are the same as ours. It is important to take your body's signals seriously, and you should always consult a doctor if you have any doubts.

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