You should report any deviations from the plan, if you want us to continually optimize your training.

You can change all training pointing forward - meaning: current week and all future weeks. Just use the "Edit training" functions. 

Your plan is dynamic, so you cannot change your training in earlier weeks. If you need to do that, please contact Boost Support and tell us how you ran differently. Then we change your plan accordingly.

If you ran a single training differently than planned - and you can't use the Edit training functions - you can also make a Boost Talk telling us how you ran. Then we will change it for you. (Advanced edit function is on its way).

If you for some reason dropped completely out of your training, you should also contact us to find out, if it is possible to change your training and still reach your goal.



Contact Boost Support: Add new Talk


Posted by Support Wednesday, October 3, 2012 9:28:00 AM Categories: Edit Training